Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Back to School Specials

August Back to School Specials!

6314 School Fun Toggle & Safety and Manners CD Save $4

Uncut $19.99, Pre-cut $22.99

Ease the mind of your new student with this fun set. You can set up scenarios that will come up for every student and help them to prepare how to handle it. One side is the inside of the classroom and the other side is the play ground. There are 44 fun figures to play school any time. Set includes book, Safety and Manners CD and vinyl bag.

55030 Preschool Pals Save $5

Uncut $34.99, Pre-cut $44.99

Teach your preschooler the ABC’s, upper and lower case letters, colors, and numbers…a whole bunch of fun activities. There are five different sets all wrapped up in one! The set includes Rhyme Time, ABC Trains, Stack Up Snowman, Little League Line-up, and Sunshine Search.

7503 Food Guide Pyramid Save $4

Uncut $34.99, Pre-cut $39.99

Over 90 figures teach children good eating and exercise habits. Set a table with a plate, knife, fork, and spoon and select a balanced meal. The pyramid measures 15” x 16”. The food looks good enough to eat!

Large or Small, Spanish or English,

Save $5 on any of our Calendar Sets!

Brightly colored figures bring fun to learning the seasons, months, and days. Special days can be noted and the weather can be posted in the form of a smiling sun or a grouchy thunder cloud. Includes a SM 15” x 23” or LG 23” x 31” mounted background, Velcro, and 73 Appropriate sized figures.
77097 SM English Calendar Uncut $37.99, Pre-cut $43.99

75067 SM Spanish Calendar Uncut $37.99, Pre-cut $43.99

77077 LG English Calendar Uncut $57.99, Pre-cut $63.99

76077 LG Spanish Calendar Uncut $57.99, Pre-cut $63.99

Spanish Figures

Friday, May 29, 2009

June Specials

June Specials

Save $3

7112 Imagination Fun

Uncut $16.99, Pre-cut $19.99

Children love to act and they can do it easily using our Ginger Bread Man or Billy Goats Gruff Masks. These adorable, soft, non-restricting masks are great fun for all children. Set includes ten masks and the stories written in play form.

7114 Stage Play

Uncut $16.99, Pre-cut $19.99

Imagine the drama skills that can be learned as children act out three favorite stories—The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Golidlocks and the Three Bears. Eleven masks and the plays are included!

5306 King and His Court

Uncut $11.99, Pre-cut $14.99

Enjoy seeing your little prince and princess play with these royal hand puppets. The set includes four plays. The puppets are 8” tall.

5307 Prehistoric Pals

Uncut $11.99, Pre-cut $14.99

These little dinosaurs have a bit of an attitude problem. Put on a play and learn how each of them learn to overcome emotions in a positive way. The set includes four plays. The puppets are 8” tall.

5308 Little Red Hen and Friends

Uncut $11.99, Pre-cut $14.99

Everyone loves the story of the Little Red Hen, especially moms who want to teach the value of being helpful. Four plays are included. The puppets are 8” tall.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Specials

Specials for May

Activity Books are a must when you want your child to be quiet and entertained whether on long car trips, at church, or at a doctor’s appointment.

Save $5 of these books!

6023 Wacky Learning Book

Uncut $24.99, Pre-cut $34.99

Cute animal workers introduce opposites, colors, shapes, counting, and a fun ‘What is different?’ page. The book has five 9” x 11” pages and 74 figures.

6030 Bug Book

Uncut $24.99, Pre-cut $34.99

Your children will go buggy over the many creepy, crawly creatures hiding underground, behind plants, or on the front porch. The book has five pages and 43 figures.

6027 Aesop’s Fables with CD

Uncut $29.99, Pre-cut $39.99

Your children will learn ancient wisdom from Aesop through song and felt. There are 15 different fables that teach valuable lessons such as, honesty is the best policy! The set includes five pages, 57 figures and a CD.

6009 Transportation Activity Book

Uncut $31.99, Pre-cut $41.99

There are boats, cars, planes, trains and more! This set can be made into an eight-page book or the pages can be used as four backgrounds for learning centers. The set includes 70 figures and eight pages.

Monday, March 16, 2009

April Specials!

April Specials

Save $5!

7708 Table Top Town

Uncut $ 19.99, Pre-cut $30.99

This 35” x 35” octagon can sit on the floor or on a table and four children can play at one time. There are four main stations where you build a playground, build a building, build a car or truck and build a road. The four secondary stations include a police station, fire station, hospital and a recycling plant. To top it all off in the middle of the set is an activity center that turns. While one child is finding his ABC’s in the picture another child can be doing counting, measuring or finding the shapes at their station. When they’re done you turn the activity center and everyone can have a turn doing a different activity. This set is loads of fun with numerous learning activities.

Save $4!

79520 Finger Play Fun

Uncut $ 25.99, Pre-cut $31.99

Finger Play games are a great way to teach counting, math, size, recognition of emotions, through repetition and song. This is an easy set to take in the car and entertain with on long trips. The set includes 56 figures, on glove, Velcro, written poems and Finger Play Fun CD.

Save $3

5510 Welcome to Farm Field!

Uncut $ 13.99, Pre-cut $18.99

Scampering mice, colorful scarecrows and bumpy potatoes are ready to teach positional prepositions, color recognitions, how worms help us, plants growth, and plant parts. The set includes paper work has lessons, stories and reproducible worksheets. An excellent set for kids 3 to 7.

Save $2

5501 Little League Line-up

Uncut $ 7.99, Pre-cut $9.99

Can your child match the correct color of ball with the corresponding mitt? This is a fun way to teach and practice color.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hosting a Felt Party

What do you get when you host a felt party? Well, not only do you get to have a great time fellowshipping with your friends and family, you can also earn free felt and qualify for some great hostess sets. 

November's Hostess Exclusive felt set is:

9706—The Colors of Thanksgiving—Free when party reaches $300 and has 3 bookings 

Please enjoy this excerpt from the story:



The Colors of Thanksgiving

Written by Rachelle J. Christensen



            Becky Beetle didn’t know her colors and she didn’t want to learn them. The only color she knew was brown, the color of her hard shell. Some of the other bugs had bright colors but she didn’t know what they were called.

            The weather was getting colder outside and most of the bright flowers and leaves had disappeared as Thanksgiving drew nearer. Becky saw that the meadow where she lived was starting to look just as brown and boring as her shell.

For December the Bugs will be celebrating the 12 days of Christmas

9708— Bugs/12 Days of Christmas —Free when party reaches $300 and have 3 bookings

Please enjoy this excerpt from the story:

The Bugs Count the 12 Days of Christmas at Bug Meadow

Written by Rachelle J. Christensen

December had come to Bug Meadow and the bugs scurried inside the warm greenhouse to keep out of the snow.

All of them had gathered to prepare for Christmas. Many of the bugs didn’t know what they could give as a gift. Others were more worried about what they would get.

          Dragonfly especially wanted this to be a great Christmas for his mom and dad. “I want to give them a special gift, but I can’t think of anything,” he told his friend, Katydid.

(picture not available at this time)

December Specials

Just to not make the same mistake I did for November in not posting the specials early enough, here are December's specials! For anyone looking for the Scripture story sets, this is always the best time of year to purchase. Because the full set is a bit expensive, it would qualify as a party all on its own and anyone ordering the full set would get additional free felt. $15 in free felt for any order over $100 plus you qualify for 1/2 price off of any other felt product (excluding the bundled sets). The more you order the more free felt you get! All in time for Christmas Shopping. This year give a gift of imagination to the children in your life. Battery free and no electricty needed! 

December Specials! 

3202 Scripture Stories Bible Collection

Uncut $114.99  Precut $139.99  A $15 Savings


Bring the Bible to life with scripture stories.  Seeing scripture stories as they are told will helps children visualize how they actually happened!  The set includes:


·  Daniel and the Lions Den (also includes Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)

·  Joseph

·  Birth of Jesus

·  Jonah

·  Parables of Jesus (total of 5 stories)

·  The Miracles of Jesus (total of 6 stories)

·  Noah and the Ark

·  David and Goliath

·  Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

·  Hillside board

·  Hillside overlays

·  Ocean board

·  Ocean overlays

·  Cardboard file case

·  12 velour sheets

·  Scripture references and stories

·  Coloring and sequencing pages



3120 LDS Deluxe Collection

Uncut $114.99   Precut $134.99  A $15 Savings


Both the Bible Collection and the LDS Deluxe Collection are great for Family Home Evenings, lessons, sharing times, and just plain fun.  This set includes:


·  The First Vision

·  Lehi’s Dream

·  Nephi and the Brass Plates

·  Abinadi

·  Alma

·  Alma the Younger & The Sons of Mosiah

·  The Stories of Ammon

·  Captain Moroni & Helaman 2000 Stripling Warriors

·  Samuel the Lamanite

·  Christ in America

·  Mormon & Moroni

·  Book of Mormon background board

·  Cardboard file case

·  Velour filing sheets

·  Scripture references and stories

·  Coloring and sequencing pages



3105  Birth of Jesus

Uncut $9.99   Precut $12.99  A $2 Savings


Celebrate the story of that sacred night with felt figures that your child can see and touch as they share in the story of the Savior’s birth


The Birth of Jesus set includes:

·  16 felt figures

·  Literature

·  Coloring pages



770647  Let’s Play House Deluxe (includes ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas)

Uncut $35.99   Precut $43.99   A $7 Savings


Your children will have hours of fun playing house with all kinds of felt friends, furnishings and accessories.  This set is perfect for discussing a variety of situations pertaining to families.  It comes with a CD that features songs which teach children important social and safety lessons.  The set includes:


·  23” x 31” mounted background

·  80 figures

·  Upbeat CD

·  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas figures & literature



4208 Twas the Night Before Christmas

Uncut $9.99   Precut $12.99  A $2 Savings


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sharing this classic with your children!  Now you can tell it using the Let’s Play House figures and background.  This is theperfect addition to your Let’s Play House Set!!  Don’t have the Let’s Play House set?  Purchase the Deluxe set above with this story already included!


6024 Christmas Joys Activity Book

Uncut $15.99  Precut $25.99  A $4 Savings


It’s hard to wait for Christmas! This book makes it just a little bit easier as the kids play in Santa’s workshop, fly Santa across the sky, or peek in decorated windows.  

New Product at Special Introductory Price! 

Introducing two new Bible Stories! The Story of Moses and The Story of Job.  Your children will love using these beautiful felt pieces to help tell the stories of these great men.  Each set comes with stories, scripture references, coloring pages and 15 figures each.  Add these sets to your Scripture Collections today!


3111 The Story of Moses

Uncut $9.99  Precut $12.99  A $2 Savings


3112  The Story of Job

Uncut $9.99  Precut $12.99  A $2 Savings

November Specials

Oops...I haven't been as faithful as I should and have almost missed out on posting November's specials. It's not too late to order if anything interests you.

November Specials! 

7956 The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Uncut $19.99, Pre-cut $29.99

Your children will love feeding the lady this unusual dinner. The set includes a 15” x18” background, seven figures and a pocket.


55127 Dress Me Bear and 55137 Girl Dress Me Bear

Uncut $19.99, Pre-cut $22.99

These wonderful bears are anxious to get dressed for the day. Will it be warm, cold or in between. You decide by the weather window you put up. Great for little hands. Set includes 14” x 16” mounted background, clothing and changeable windows. 

60210 Aesop’s Fables w/CD

Uncut $19.99, Pre-cut $29.99

This is one of our favorite activity books. It comes with a CD that sings the songs of Aesop’s Fables and there are 15 fables in all. Teach these classic lessons like “honesty is the best policy” and “slow and steady wins the race.” Build strong values through story and song.


76017 Dinosaurs

Uncut $24.99, Pre-cut $29.99

This set is for the dinosaur lovers in your home! Go back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs and their young roamed the earth. The set includes 31 figures, lesson activities for school or home, 11 coloring pages, and a 23” x 31” mounted background. 

Call me at 488-3748 to place an order! Or email